UTP Committees

BARGAINING TEAM - Bethel Lira (Marshall History Teacher), Chairperson

For educators in PUSD, our union contract should be as vital as our student gradebook or lesson planner. It is a critical document that is the culmination of the collective bargaining process. Understanding it and how it came about is critical to understanding how UTP impacts its members’ professional life in profound ways.

At least once every month, the union and the school district sit down to negotiate the terms for working in the district. UTP has more than 1,000 members, and the Bargaining Team bargains the Contract defining the issues for all members of the bargaining unit: teachers, librarians, counselors, nurses, psychologists, and speech language pathologists.


Enduring and meaningful organizing is from the ground up, brick by brick—not top down. The committee works quietly, behind the scenes, persistently asking questions and pushing leaders to take action con ánimo—with great enthusiasm.

POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE - Manuel Carcido (PHS History Teacher), Chairperson

The UTP Political Action Committee (PAC) works to make sure the voices of students and teachers are heard in our local schools and communities throughout the district. Over the years, elected officials supported by the UTP PAC have helped change the face of public education in PUSD, scoring wins for students, local schools and teachers. Whether it is a local bond issue or establishing new educational standards, teachers must be involved in the decisions that directly affect our public schools and students. The UTP PAC makes sure our message is heard.

The committee is the political action arm of UTP, providing campaign funding for UTP.

Meeting several times a year, the UTP PAC screens applications for campaign funding that can be used for mailings, advertisements, and other costs of a local campaign.

Members of the UTP PAC are approved by the UTP Executive Board and Representative Council. The committee recommends funding to the UTP Executive Board and Representative Council. The UTP Executive Board and Representative Council make all final funding decisions.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE - Jonathan Gardener (PHS Science Teacher), Chairperson

The committee is chaired by the UTP Vice President and oversees UTP social activities including the winter holiday celebration, the Day of the Teacher celebration, and the retirement celebration.


The committee believes that students with exceptional needs must be educated in the most appropriate placement and that many of these children can benefit by instruction in regular education classes. Class size/caseload limits are vital to supporting educators’ efforts to educate these students, and full funding is crucial to the program’s success.

BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE - [Vacant], Chairperson

The committee chaired by the UTP Treasurer and oversees the preparation of the UTP budget.

COMMUNCATIONS COMMITTEE - Mary Roper (Madison Elementary Teacher), Chairperson

The Communications Committee is responsible for promoting the Association’s program—including the specific programs of other committees—to educators and to the public. The committee is specifically charged with representing the Association’s goals, policies, programs, services and achievements in the best possible light and with working to raise the image of educators, of public education and of the Association itself. Those responsibilities dovetail with the committee’s further mission to produce materials for and to coordinate the Association’s overall effort to recruit and retain members. In discharging its responsibilities, the committee issues news releases and otherwise maintains contact with people in the media; participates in the administration of the Association’s advertising program; publishes the periodical and many other publications and printed materials for educators. The committee oversees the UTP websites and social media channels and produces the newsletter and other communications for members and other committees. In addition, the committee conducts training sessions in media relations, community action, internal communication, and membership promotion; and assists other Association committees to prepare, produce, and distribute materials.


UTP's Community Engagement efforts are an integral part of the organization's Strategic Plan. Community Engagement provides services districtwide to UTP in support of community engagement projects. The goal is to build strong, collaborative relationships between communities and UTP. These efforts focus on developing projects and partnerships in support of public schools and their surrounding communities.

CONTRACT MANAGEMENT TEAM - Zara Agvanian (Marshall Math Teacher), Chairperson

The committee oversees grievances.

ELECTIONS COMMITTEE - Patricia Gorse (Blair Math Teacher), Chairperson

The committee oversees UTP elections.


The UTP Human Rights Committee advocates diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of UTP activities. The committee engages staff, members, and the public in Human Rights and Social Justice activities designed to empower all public school children and educate teachers and students to accept different cultures and sexual orientations, thus promoting understanding and tolerance of all differences. Therefore, the intent of the Human Rights Committee is to promote positive human relations and improve the education of all students with a focus on equitable access to public education by focusing on the following concerns:

    • A quality education for all students

    • Respect and dignity for all students and teachers

    • Recruitment and retention of a diverse teaching force

    • Education on human/civil rights issues

    • Empowerment of diverse communities to take part in educational decisions


The mission of the Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) Committee is to advance the interest of educators as organized professionals and to assist in the maintenance of the integrity of public education. The issues related to standards-based education, assessment, accountability, and school improvement guide the committee efforts to meet the needs of educators and students. The IPD Committee:

  • Works to maintain an active Association influence with the District and other related organizations in the development of educational policy.

  • Provides leadership and support for commitment to, maintenance of, and improvement of public education.

  • Provides assistance in support of efforts to improve student learning, especially schools in various phases of improvement.

  • Reinforces UTP efforts to renew public confidence in PUSD public schools by providing materials and assistance to UTP for building their capacity to meet member needs, especially in the areas of improving schools and student learning.

  • Promotes standards for quality professional development to be used by UTP in bargaining and consultation with the District.

  • Assists UTP to identify and select resources to support the profession.

  • Works to assist educators to assert their professional rights and responsibilities.

  • Provides support when professional and school issues are bargained and/or advocated.

  • Facilitates the development of training and other professional growth experiences for educators.


The committee is chaired by the UTP Secretary and plans the member recruitment and engagement program.

SPECIAL EDUCATION COMMITTEE - Richard Chung (Special Education Teacher), Chairperson